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Zen balance cure

Zen balance cure


18 individual treatments including 6 massages and 1 body scrub

This treatment programme consists of individual treatments and is a real invitation to let it all go. Complete care for your body to restore physical and mental balance.

The program

Preparatory body-scrub treatment

  • Peel under a fine rain of warm sea water x 1

Relaxing treatments to help you let it all go

  • Session of watsu x 1
  • Watsu aquasource sessionx 1
  • Yoga session x 2
  • Stretch relax session x 1


  • Massage abhyanga x 2
  • Shiatsu massage x 2
  • Relaxing foot massage x 1
  • Shiroshampi massage x 1

Revitalising remineralising treatments

  • Remineralizing seaweed wrap x 3
  • Multijet chromatherapy bath x 3 

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Massage under fine seawater rain

(time : 25 min)

Relaxes and soothes
Total relaxation guaranteed thanks to this gentle, full-body massage carried out under a fine shower of hot seawater.

Watsu aquasource session

(time : 30 min)

Relaxing individual treatment
A unique aquatic relaxation experience that invites us to let go. This aquatic practice of deep relaxation helps to release tension through soft and fluid movements, generating a feeling of weightlessness and lightness and harmonising mental and muscular relaxation. 

Individual sophrology session

(time : 0 min)

An exclusively verbal and non tactile method, sophrology uses a set of techniques that will act on both the body and the mind. It is a personal development approach that leads the individual to work on his own values and to get to know himself better. This discipline allows everyone to improve their daily lives by taking a new look at their present and future.

Stretch relax session

(time : 30 min)

A session supervised by an expert with alternating stretching and pressure for physical and mental relaxation.

Yoga session

(time : 60 min)

Through postures, relaxation, breath, circulation of energy, we find contact with our inner space. As an integral science of life, Yoga helps us to become aware of our body, our breathing, and the mechanisms of the mind. Postures or asanas are means that allow us to experience the expansion of consciousness. Yoga is a permanent discovery for all those who practice it; it contributes to a better well-being, to the improvement of our health, our balance and therefore our relationships with others.


Session of watsu

(time : 15 min)

This seawater relaxation session takes place in our seawater pool and procures a sense of weightlessness and both mental and muscular relaxation.

Peel under a fine rain of warm sea water

(time : 25 min)

This treatment involves an exfoliating scrub applied under a fine shower of hot seawater, followed by a relaxing back massage.

Shiroshampi massage

(time : 40 min)

This ayurvedic massage of the trapezius, neck, face and scalp allows you to relax and let go by releasing your energies.

Shiatsu massage

(time : 50 min)

This massage restores balance to your circulation and energy in order to harmonise your mind and body. It combines pressure manoeuvres and stretching techniques applied along meridian pathways according to traditional oriental medicine.

Relaxing foot massage

(time : 50 min)

This Asian inspired technique stimulates or soothes different organs in the body by manually massaging reflex points on the soles of the feet.


Massage abhyanga

(time : 50 min)

Relaxation and relaxation
This traditional gentle Ayurvedic Indian massage, with lotus oil, wraps the whole body in slow circular movements and sliding pressures. This treatment, particularly adapted to stressed people, relaxes and brings serenity.


Remineralizing seaweed wrap

(time : 25 min)

Revitalizing, slimming, relaxing
Lying on a comfortable mattress equipped with chromatherapy, your body is entirely covered with warm seaweed and then wrapped in a heated blanket to encourage the penetration of trace elements. This treatment provides remineralization, hydration and vitamins. 

Multijet chromatherapy bath

(time : 13 min)

Soothing and circulatory
In a warm seawater bath, hydrojets massage you from your feet to your neck. Let yourself be seduced by chromatherapy and its ballet of colours which will lead you to absolute relaxation.

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