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Short stay cure fit and silhouette



To refine your silhouette and regain your tonicity. This cure has been designed for men and women of all ages who are keen to maintain their physique and looks. It is particularly suited to young mothers. 
Offered from half a day, this formula includes 4 treatments per half-day of treatment, including 1 slimming treatment.

The program

4 treatments per half-day of treatment, including 1 slimming treatment.

  • Manual deep tissue massage or Endermology treatment - LPG or Fitness massage x 1
  • Session of pressotherapy or Silhouette jet shower or Massage under fine seawater rain x 1

  • Slimming seaweed or Session of pressotherapyMultijet chromatherapy bath or Peel under a fine rain of warm sea water x 1
  • Session of aquagym or Session of submarine jets or Aquabike session x 1

The detailed program of your cure will be defined with our advisers after your reservation.


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Massage under fine seawater rain

(time : 25 min)

Relaxes and soothes
Total relaxation guaranteed thanks to this gentle, full-body massage carried out under a fine shower of hot seawater.

Session of pressotherapy

(time : 20 min)

This treatment progressively increases lymphatic flow in your legs through a system of inflatable boots. It also improves venous flow and leaves your legs feeling much lighter.

Endermology treatment - LPG

(time : 30 min)

Acting simultaneously on breaking down rebel fat and on the quality of the skin (firmness, orange peel appearance), the new LPG patent makes direct action possible on the adipocytes (slimming cells) present in our hypodermis as well as on the fibroblasts (youth cells) present in our dermis. Price of the tights: € 15.

Session of submarine jets

(time : 15 min)

Aquagym exercises carried out under variable pressure, adjustable water jets that massage you at the same time. Relaxing and invigorating effect that improves circulation and body tone.

Session of aquagym

(time : 25 min)

A series of invigorating and slower gym movements in the water. This gentle treatment helps to improve flexibility and strengthen muscles

Aquabike session

(time : 25 min)

Energizing group treatment
Ideal for toning and firming your figure and working on your endurance, aquabike combines the benefits of cycling and swimming in a dynamic and musical atmosphere. 

Peel under a fine rain of warm sea water

(time : 25 min)

This treatment involves an exfoliating scrub applied under a fine shower of hot seawater, followed by a relaxing back massage.

Manual deep tissue massage

(time : 25 min)

This tonic manual massage, by kneading the skin, helps to remove cellulite and reduce it.

Fitness massage

(time : 55 min)

The first non-electrical palpate and roll method, this treatment can be personalised according to your morphology and will allow you to smooth, firm, defibrillate and reshape your silhouette according to your needs, with visible results from the first session.

Slimming seaweed

(time : 25 min)

Revitalizing and slimming
Fucus algae, which are brown algae, have a unique mineral content (trace elements). Their properties are used for slimming because they contribute to the refinement of the silhouette by promoting fat reduction.

Silhouette jet shower

(time : 8 min)

Using the same approach as the jet shower, this treatment focuses on your thighs, bottom and hips to help define your body shape.

Multijet chromatherapy bath

(time : 13 min)

Soothing and circulatory
In a warm seawater bath, hydrojets massage you from your feet to your neck. Let yourself be seduced by chromatherapy and its ballet of colours which will lead you to absolute relaxation.

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