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Short stay passion spa cure

Short stay passion spa cure


To recharge your batteries and for the pleasure of absolute relaxation. Offering different massages from around the world, this cure is an initiation to the journey of the senses. Escape is guaranteed.
offered from half a day, this formula includes 4 individual treatments including 1 large massage from around the world per half day of treatment.

The program

4 individual treatments per half day of treatment

  • Massage abhyanga or Californian massage or Shiroshampi massage or Swedish massage or Polynesian massage or Relaxing foot massage x 1
  • Thalasso southern spa body scrub or Relaxation massage or Massage under fine seawater rain x 1

  • Multijet chromatherapy bath  or Moisturising wrap x 1
  • Session of hydrojet or Session of massothermie x 1

The detailed program of your cure will be defined with our advisers after your reservation.


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Massage under fine seawater rain

(time : 25 min)

Relaxes and soothes
Total relaxation guaranteed thanks to this gentle, full-body massage carried out under a fine shower of hot seawater.

Polynesian massage

(time : 50 min)

All-encompassing relaxing massage
A traditional massage from the Polynesian people. This powerful, slow and rhythmic massage gets deep into the muscles. It alternates manual techniques with bags of hot sand (Tuiponos). This treatment will take you on an intensely relaxing journey.

Session of hydrojet

(time : 17 min)

As you lie on a floating hot water mattress your body is massaged by jets working in a circular action along the length of your body. Total relaxation guaranteed.

Moisturising wrap

(time : 25 min)

Moisturising and relaxing
The body is covered in a sweetly scented moisturiser and you are wrapped in a heated blanket. Thanks to the warmth that is diffused, your skin will benefit from all the moisturising elements to restore suppleness and comfort. Your body will relax and unwind. 

Session of massothermie

(time : 20 min)

New top concept, unequalled massage feeling, lying on a mattress animated by jade stones heated by infrared for a deep muscular relaxation.

Swedish massage

(time : 50 min)

Stimulating or soothing massage
This comprehensive body massage relieves muscular tension by using long flowing movements all over the body. Its slow and regular rhythm will leave your muscles utterly and deeply relaxed.

Shiroshampi massage

(time : 40 min)

This ayurvedic massage of the trapezius, neck, face and scalp allows you to relax and let go by releasing your energies.

Relaxing foot massage

(time : 50 min)

This Asian inspired technique stimulates or soothes different organs in the body by manually massaging reflex points on the soles of the feet.


Relaxation massage

(time : 25 min)

Well-being and relaxation, this massage of the back of the body alternates slow and toning rhythms. Muscular and mental relaxation with intoxicating scents.

Californian massage

(time : 50 min)

Wrap and relaxing
Relaxing massage with essential oils for the whole body. This treatment provides muscle relaxation and a deep relaxation of the pink flamingo signature.


Massage abhyanga

(time : 50 min)

Relaxation and relaxation
This traditional gentle Ayurvedic Indian massage, with lotus oil, wraps the whole body in slow circular movements and sliding pressures. This treatment, particularly adapted to stressed people, relaxes and brings serenity.


Thalasso southern spa body scrub

(time : 25 min)

This gentle scrub removes accumulated cells from the surface of the skin, leaving it soft and silky.

Multijet chromatherapy bath

(time : 13 min)

Soothing and circulatory
In a warm seawater bath, hydrojets massage you from your feet to your neck. Let yourself be seduced by chromatherapy and its ballet of colours which will lead you to absolute relaxation.

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