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Mother and baby cure

Mother and baby cure


24 individual treatments including 4 treatments for baby  

To rediscover your body, take care of yourself and share moments of relaxation with your baby. We offer personalised treatments to tone and resculpt your figure. The benefits of seawater and the pleasure derived from our massages will restore the vitality and relaxation you need after giving birth.

The program


  • Baby massage x 2
  • Back massage x 2

Figure slimming and toning treatments

  • Slimming seaweed x 3
  • Fitness massage x 1
  • Silhouette jet shower x 1

Preparatory body-scrub treatment and moisturising treatmen

  • Peel under a fine rain of warm sea water x 1
  • Fitness massageWax wrap x 2 

Revitalising, toning and remineralising treatments

  • Multijet chromatherapy bath x 3 
  • Special back shower x 1

Treatments for circulation and excess fluid elimination

  • Leg massage x 2
  • Special leg shower x 1

Relaxing treatments to help you let it all go

  • Session of watsu x 2
  • Baby relax session x 2 

Expert treatments

  • Osteopathy session x 1
  • Skin diagnosis - Skincope x 1 

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Session of watsu

(time : 15 min)

This seawater relaxation session takes place in our seawater pool and procures a sense of weightlessness and both mental and muscular relaxation.

Osteopathy session

(time : 45 min)

A series of very precise manipulations of bones, joints and muscles performed by an osteopath.

Baby relax session

(time : min)

Relaxation and stretching session in a warm seawater bathtub supervised by a lifeguard to relax your baby and promote sleep.

Peel under a fine rain of warm sea water

(time : 25 min)

This treatment involves an exfoliating scrub applied under a fine shower of hot seawater, followed by a relaxing back massage.

Back massage

(time : 25 min)

This massage aims to relieve muscle tension in your back and will leave you utterly relaxed.

Leg massage

(time : 25 min)

This massage provides instant relief from tired legs and is an ideal way to improve circulation. By alternating slow and vigorous techniques this massage relieves tension and incites a sense of relaxation. The fresh fragrance of peppermint characterises this relaxing leg massage.

Baby massage

(time : min)

Our expert teaches you how to massage your child to soothe them with relaxing movements using sweet almond oil. 

Fitness massage

(time : 55 min)

1st method of non-electric palpate-rolling, this treatment customizable according to your morphology will allow you to smooth, firm, defibrate, reshape your silhouette according to your needs with visible results from the first session.

Slimming seaweed

(time : 25 min)

Revitalizing and slimming
Fucus algae, which are brown algae, have a unique mineral content (trace elements). Their properties are used for slimming because they contribute to the refinement of the silhouette by promoting fat reduction.

Wax wrap

(time : 25 min)

The body is covered in a sweetly scented moisturiser and you are wrapped in a heated blanket. Thanks to the warmth that is diffused, your skin will benefit from all the moisturising elements to restore suppleness and comfort.

Special leg shower

(time : 8 min)

A relaxing treatment that stimulates your circulation. This hot seawater shower, which you take lying down, massages your back or legs to relieve muscle tension.

Special back shower

(time : 8 min)

A relaxing treatment that stimulates your circulation. This hot seawater shower, which you take lying down, massages your back or legs to relieve muscle tension.

Silhouette jet shower

(time : 8 min)

Using the same approach as the jet shower, this treatment focuses on your thighs, bottom and hips to help define your body shape.

Skin diagnosis - Skincope

(time : min)

Diagnosis carried out through a Skincope device which determines your needs according to your skin type. 

Multijet chromatherapy bath

(time : 13 min)

Soothing and circulatory
In a warm seawater bath, hydrojets massage you from your feet to your neck. Let yourself be seduced by chromatherapy and its ballet of colours which will lead you to absolute relaxation.

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