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Lun 26 Fév 2018
Lun 26 Fév 2018


cure flamant remise en forme


cabine spa saint cyprien


24 treatments including 6 massages

The ultimate thalassotherapy treatment. Invigorating and relaxing, this cure is suitable for everybody. Perfect whatever the season, it will replenish and gently restore your energy and vitality.

The program

. 3 relaxation massages (25 min)
. 3 affusion massages (25 min)


Revitalising, toning and remineralising treatments
. 2 jet showers
. 2 showers targeting the back or legs
. 3 seaweed wraps
. 3 chromatherapy multijet baths with seaweed extract
. 3 underwater seawater jet sessions


Relaxing treatments to help you let it all go
. 2 hydrojet sessions


Physical activities
. 3 aquagym sessions


This cure is not advised in cases of sciatica, osteoporosis, collapsed vertebrae, disc herniation, and cancer and for a year following lumbar rachis surgery. We ask that you provide a doctor’s certificate stating that there are no contraindications to receiving treatments or that you meet our doctor at the beginning of your stay. For the latter, please specify that you would like to meet the doctor so that we may schedule an appointment.


Without accommodation from 660 € /pers

excluding accommodation

At the residence from 884 € /pers

In the hotel from 1530 € /pers

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