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Lun 26 Fév 2018
Lun 26 Fév 2018

Anti tobacco treatment

Anti tobacco

Anti tobacco treatment

cabine spa saint cyprien


This cure is built around 5 axes to relax and decompress during smoking cessation, bringing together the know-how of different experts.  It includes 24 treatments (including 4 massages and 2 hypnosis sessions), oxygenation walking to work on the breath, a session with a dietician for anti-nibbling advice, detox treatments to purify the skin and anti-stress and relaxation treatments to help overcome the lack of tobacco.

The program

24 treatments including 4 massages & 2 hypnosis sessions 

2 watsu sessions
1 shiatsu massage
2 massages with aromatic oils
1 affusion massage

2 multi-jet baths
2 special back showers
2 water jet sessions

1 black soap scrub with Rhassoul wrap
3 detox wraps
1 face detox ritual
1 hand ritual

1 oxygenating walk
1 aquabike session
1 aquagym session

2 sessions of hypnosis
1 "dietary tips" appointment with the dietician


Without accommodation from 900 € /pers

with 6 nights and 6 days hotel accommodation with full-board special catering option

At the residence from 1124 € /pers

in residence accommodation for 7 nights excluding catering

In the hotel from 1770 € /pers

excluding accommodation

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