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Anti-age body and face cure

Anti-age body and face cure


24 individual treatments including 6 body treatments and 6 face treatments

This unique cure enables you to maintain your youthfulness by stimulating your skin’s natural functions and working on restoring your body’s tone and firmness. The combination of new generation Skinceuticals facial treatments, Endermolift treatments and body treatments created using the latest LPG technologies will smooth and redefine your features, resculpt your figure and enhance your skin. A real rejuvenation cure !

The program

Preparatory body-scrub treatment and moisturising treatments

  • Thalasso southern spa body scrub x 1 
  • Wax wrap x 3 

Beauty and anti-ageing treatments

  • The purity ritual facial - Thalgo x 1
  • Corrective care - Skinceuticals  x 1
  • Instant radiance treatment - Skinceuticals x 1
  • Endermolift facial - LPG x 3 

Revitalising, remineralising and toning treatments

  • Multijet chromatherapy bath  x 3

Relaxing treatments to help you let it all go

  • Session of hydrojet x 3


  • Relaxation massage x 3

Figure slimming and toning treatments

  • Endermology treatment - LPG x 3
  • Fitness massage x 2

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Session of hydrojet

(time : 17 min)

As you lie on a floating hot water mattress your body is massaged by jets working in a circular action along the length of your body. Total relaxation guaranteed.

Instant radiance treatment - Skinceuticals

(time : 60 min)

Ideal for tired and stressed skin that lacks radiance or shows signs of hyper pigmentation. The perfect combination of relaxation, well-being and visible results! Treat your skin to this instant radiance beauty treatment.

Corrective care - Skinceuticals

(time : 60 min)

Ideal for mature skin with wrinkles and fine lines. This treatment allows your skin to regain its density, fullness and radiance.

The purity ritual facial - Thalgo

(time : 55 min)

This treatment is adapted to suit your skin type and cleanses deep down, leaving your skin ready for other treatments.

Endermology treatment - LPG

(time : 30 min)

Acting simultaneously on breaking down rebel fat and on the quality of the skin (firmness, orange peel appearance), the new LPG patent makes direct action possible on the adipocytes (slimming cells) present in our hypodermis as well as on the fibroblasts (youth cells) present in our dermis. Price of the tights: € 15.

Endermolift facial - LPG

(time : 30 min)

A real skin fitness treatment, it revives the synthesis of the essential youthful substances in our skin such as collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid to restore firmness, suppleness and density. Suitable for all skin types. This treatment requires the purchase of a personal endermolift kit to ensure hygiene during your sessions. Price: € 15. 

Relaxation massage

(time : 25 min)

Well-being and relaxation, this massage of the back of the body alternates slow and toning rhythms. Muscular and mental relaxation with intoxicating scents.

Thalasso southern spa body scrub

(time : 25 min)

This gentle scrub removes accumulated cells from the surface of the skin, leaving it soft and silky.

Fitness massage

(time : 55 min)

1st method of non-electric palpate-rolling, this treatment customizable according to your morphology will allow you to smooth, firm, defibrate, reshape your silhouette according to your needs with visible results from the first session.

Wax wrap

(time : 25 min)

The body is covered in a sweetly scented moisturiser and you are wrapped in a heated blanket. Thanks to the warmth that is diffused, your skin will benefit from all the moisturising elements to restore suppleness and comfort.

Multijet chromatherapy bath

(time : 13 min)

Soothing and circulatory
In a warm seawater bath, hydrojets massage you from your feet to your neck. Let yourself be seduced by chromatherapy and its ballet of colours which will lead you to absolute relaxation.

Cellular regeneration treatment - LPG

(time : 75 min)

This anti-ageing treatment combines endermolift technology and LPG cosmetic expertise to brighten your complexion, drain toxins, refine skin texture and fill in wrinkles on your face, neck and hands by promoting cell regeneration. It is suitable for all skin types and especially for mature skin. This treatment requires the purchase of a personal endermolift kit to ensure hygiene during your sessions. Price: € 15.

Anti-ageing renewal treatment - LPG

(time : 40 min)

This youth activating programme will contribute to the cellular regeneration of your entire face and neck. It smooths wrinkles and helps to fight against pigmentation spots to restore radiant skin. It is suitable for all skin types, especially those with imperfections and/or uneven skin tone. This treatment requires the purchase of a personal endermolift kit to ensure hygiene during your sessions. Price: € 15. 

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