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Terms and conditions

Article 1: Preamble

  • The customer confirms that they are fully legally entitled to commit to these General Conditions of Sale, that they are at least 18 years old and are not under guardianship or trusteeship.
  • The customer confirms that services are being reserved for their own personal and private use only, or that they are benefiting from a reservation for their own personal use as part of a group reservation (several physical persons, association, company, employee representative committees or other).
  • These General Conditions of Sale express the entirety of the obligations of involved parties.

Article 2: Definitions

  • “Curist”: person receiving Thalassotherapy/Spa treatments as part of a Board and Lodging and Thalassotherapy/Spa package or a Cure-only package.
  • “Non-Curist companion”: person accompanying the Curist, who has not reserved a Thalassotherapy/Spa treatment package and is staying in the same room / apartment as the Curist.
  • “Board and Lodging and Thalassotherapy/Spa package”: package including accommodation in one of the Roussillhotel group establishments as well as catering in the form of either breakfast, half-board or full-board and one or more Thalassotherapy/Spa treatments.
  • Board and Lodging package: package including accommodation in one of the Roussillhotel group establishments as well as catering in the form of either breakfast, half-board or full-board.
  • “Lodging only”: offer includes accommodation only in one of the Roussillhotel group establishments, and excludes all catering options and/or Thalassotherapy/Spa treatments.
  • “Cure only”: offer includes one or more Thalassotherapy/Spa treatments and excludes any accommodation or catering.
  • Roussillhotel is the name of the group to whom the establishments listed in Appendix 1 belong.
  • Roussillhotel Establishment: refers jointly or separately to the hotel, residence, restaurant, golf course; thalassotherapy centre or spa
  • The websites of the Roussillhotel group: refers to the website and the websites of each of the group’s hotels listed in Appendix 1
  • Travel agent/Subcontractor: reseller with sales agreements with Roussillhotel and entitled to sell Roussillhotel services.

Article 3: Content

  • These General Conditions of Sale define the rights and obligations of the Parties for the purposes of the reservation of services offered by the Roussillhotel group
  • These General Conditions of Sale can be amended at any time, without prior warning. Any modifications made are not applicable to reservations made prior to the date of modification. Only General Conditions of Sale in force at the time of reservation are effective against the customer.
  • The customer confirms that they have read and accepted these General Conditions of Sale

Article 4: Services offered by Roussillhotel

  • All the services offered by Roussillhotel are listed on the Roussillhotel group websites
  • All the Board and Lodging and Thalassotherapy/Spa packages include either breakfast, half-board or full-board, with a choice of traditional or dietetic catering (only available Au Grand Hôtel Les Flamants Roses and at L’Ile de la Lagune, depending on the option selected). These packages do not include drinks, tourist taxes or any other additional services that the client may choose to avail themselves of during their stay (telephone, laundry...).
  • Lodging only (as defined in Article 2) refers to accommodation only in one of the Roussillhotel group establishments and excludes any catering and/or Thalassotherapy/Spa treatment.
  • The Board and Lodging package (as defined in Article 2) refers to accommodation services in one of the Roussillhotel group establishments as well as a catering packaging comprising breakfast, half-board or full-board with a choice of traditional or dietetic catering (only available Au Grand Hôtel Les Flamants Roses and at L’Ile de la Lagune, depending on the option selected).
  • The Non-curist companion rate is only valid for persons sharing a room or apartment with a Curist. Any Non-curist companion with an accommodation reservation can access the marine area and spa, during the opening hours of each of the establishments, listed on the Roussillhotel group’s websites. Children must be accompanied by a parent in the swimming pool area, in accordance with the conditions of use and opening times specific to each establishment, as listed on the Roussillhotel group’s websites.
  • The restaurant opening times and the Thalassotherapy/Spa treatment times, which are listed on the Roussillhotel group’s websites, are specific to each site and are subject to modification without prior notification.

Article 5: Conditions for children, babies and expectant mothers

  • Depending on the establishment, children and teenagers between 7 and 17 years old as well as expectant mothers may receive certain Thalassotherapy/spa treatments on presentation of a medical certificate and/or parental authorisation.

Article 6: Price

The customer guarantees that they are fully entitled to use the means of payment provided for payment of their order and this method provides access to sufficient funds to cover the costs resulting from their purchase of services.
Prices are listed in euros and include all taxes, and are only valid for the dates listed on the confirmation of reservation.
Priced include VAT as applicable on the day of reservation and any change to the rate of applicable VAT will automatically be incorporated into the prices listed.

For hotel stays, in the absence of any information to the contrary in the description of the stay, listed prices do not include the following charges and optional services:

  • tourist taxes;
  • medical fees**
  • pets’ services
  • insurance;
  • catering services not included in the selected package;
  • drinks;
  • activities not included in the selected package;
  • additional services (laundry...);
  • and in a general manner, any personal expenses not included in the selected package.

For accommodation in residences, prices include provision of lodgings, water and electricity and other services specific to each residence and listed in the booking confirmation. A deposit will be requested on arrival for the purposes of guaranteeing the correct use and cleanliness of the lodgings. It will be returned to you afterwards, with any necessary deductions made for the consumption or use of additional services on site and/or costs for any damage that has occurred and/or the poor state of cleanliness of lodgings. May we remind you that lodgings reserved for a certain number of occupants may under no circumstances accommodate more people than the number specified on booking.


Article 7: Reservation of services

Reservations can be made with the Reservations department by telephone on +33 (0)4 68 51 54 54, by email at or by post to Service Réservations Roussillhotel, 4, rue Verdi, 66750 Saint-Cyprien. Reservations can also be made directly with each establishment via the contact details listed in their website (cf. Appendix 1)


Article 8: Reservation confirmation

Following their order, the customer will receive confirmation of reservation. The Roussillhotel establishment’s issuance of the customer’s booking confirmation is conditional on receipt of service-related costs in accordance with the terms defined in article 9. The reservation confirmation summarizes which services have been booked and corresponding prices.


Article 9: Payment of services

With the exception of specific offers providing for payment of the total cost of services at the time of reservation; the client must pay a deposit of 30% of the total cost of services at the time of reservation, with the remaining sum to be paid:
- for accommodation in a residence: 30 days before the beginning of the stay
- for a hotel stay, before the guest departs at the end of their stay.
The customer can also choose to pay the total sum for their selected services at the time of booking.

Customers who arrive and present themselves at the reception desk and who are not already registered in our customer database must pay the total sum of their reservation on arrival.
Should clients depart as planned without informing reception, the total sum of the reservation costs will be debited from their debit/credit card.

  • For Cure-only services, payment is made by the client directly to the Thalassotherapy/Spa institute in question.
  • The reservation of accommodation only (as defined in Article 2 of this document) will only be registered after the Roussillhotel establishment in question has received a deposit of 30% of the total amount due for services. The balance will be paid in situ, directly to the Roussillhotel establishment selected on departure.
  • “Early Booking” rates require a prepayment on reservation of the total sum of the stay. These offers are non-modifiable, non-refundable and non-transferable. The customer may not claim any refunds or request a change of dates in the event of cancellation.
  • Promotions and reductions may not under any circumstances by applied retrospectively.
  • No unused offer or service is eligible for refund.
  • Payment may be made by cheque, bank transfer, French chèque vacances or by credit / debit card (Carte bleue, Visa, American Express, Master Card/Eurocard), provided that the card holder is the person making the reservation. For card payments, the customer acknowledges having authorised the corresponding total to be debited.
  • In compliance with article L133-8 of the French Monetary and Financial Code, and in the absence of legal provision to the contrary, the user of payment services may not revoke a payment once it has been received by the payer’s payment service provider.

Article 10: Service providers and external partners

  • Preceding Articles 8 and 9 are not applicable in the event of internet reservations through the intermediary of a Travel Agent/Service Provider website who have a valid agreement with the Roussillhotel establishment in question. The applicable conditions and means of reservation and payment are those of said travel website.
  • In all cases, the client must be in the possession of a reservation voucher issued by the Online Travel Agent/Service Provider to whom he made payment for the services before the start date of their stay or the date on which their Cure-only treatment commences.
  • We cannot be held liable for any information provided by third parties or tourist information offices, neither will any works or developments carried out by local authorities, collectivities or private individuals result in any form of compensation. Some businesses, restaurants, activities and events may be closed or unavailable at the beginning and/or end of the season, which will not result in a reduction in the cost of the stay or any form of compensation.

Article 11: Medical visits and health check-ups

  • Medical visits** take place in accordance with the regulations of each thalassotherapy/spa centre. As a consequence, customers are invited to contact the centre where they will be receiving treatment for information regarding the possibility or otherwise of a medical visit at the centre itself, before treatment, in order to obtain a medical certificate.
  • Only Le Grand Hôtel des Flamants Roses offers a Thalassotherapy package suitable for expectant mothers. However, certain treatments are possible at the other centres (information available at the Roussillhotel centre in question) and expectant mothers are advised to seek the advice of their doctor before making any reservations in order to assess their ability to receive treatment and carry out a physical activity using the sports material available in the fitness areas. It is the client’s responsibility to specify how pregnant they are when they make their reservation.
  • The medical visit or medical certificate presented by the Curist will determine the Curist’s ability to carry out the treatment package they reserved.
  • In a general manner, Roussillhotel may in no way be held liable in the event of misuse of sports equipment, poor execution of the cure, the impossibility of carrying out all or some of the cure or of receiving treatment due to the customer’s health, and these circumstances do not make the customer eligible for a refund or compensation.
  • A fitness room is made available to customers during their stay. The customer is aware of the risks involved in using the equipment to which they have access in the fitness room. Roussillhotel may not be held liable in the event of any damage of any kind, following an accident resulting by the customer’s failure to observe the safety regulations or from the inappropriate use of equipment and/or installations.
  • The main therapeutic contra-indications pertaining to Thalassotherapy & Spa treatments, sauna and hammam are:
    -pregnancy and breastfeeding
    -absence of autonomy
    -surgical procedure in the previous 3 months
    -arterial hypertension
    -recent trauma, fractures
    -endocrinal disease: thyroid imbalance
    -infectious and contagious disease (fever, angina, acute infections)
    -neurological disease (non-stabilised epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease...)
    -respiratory disease (acute or chronic, severe asthma etc.)
    -venous disease: recent thrombosis
    -psychiatric illness: if non-stabilised
    -cardio-vascular disease (cardiac deficiency, arthritis of lower members, recent infarction, acute cardiopathy, non-stabilised heart beat)
    -rheumatic disease (acute rheumatic flare-ups, severe osteoporosis, herniated discs in formation)
    -evolving cancer or cancer that is being treated (chemotherapy, radiotherapy, aplasia), metastasis or tumour progression
    -dermatological infections (recent, unclosed, weeping or purulent wounds or scars, eczema, psoriasis, unhealed shingles, chronic varicose ulcers)
    -cancer in remission
    -cardiovascular disease (including treated and stabilised)
    -arterial hypertension
    -renal disease,
    -dermatological disease
    -acute infection
  • For a complete list of therapeutic contraindications, the Curist is invited to consult with a doctor of their choice.

Article 12: Modifications made by the customer

  • Any modification to the dates of the services required, the number of people or the services required will result in an increase or reduction of the initial rate, subject to being accepted by the Roussillhotel establishment in question. The amount owed by the customer will be the total for the modified stay.
  • In the event that Roussillhotel is unable to accommodate the customer’s request, Roussillhotel may in no way be held liable and if thereafter the client so wishes, they are able to cancel their reservation in accordance with the conditions of cancellation as defined in article 13.
  • Any transfer of the stay to a third party is only possible in accordance with the provisions of article L211-11 of the French Tourism Code.

Article 13: Cancellation by the customer

  • The customer is reminded that in accordance with article L.221-28 12° of the French Consumer Code, they do not have right of withdrawal as provided for in article L.221-28 12° of the French Consumer Code.
  • Any cancellation must be made in writing (email, fax or by post) and will result in:

    For hotel stays:
    -At more than 4 days or more before commencement of reserved services:
    Refund or rescheduling without losing the deposit paid at the time of reservation

    - At 3 days or less before commencement of reserved services:
    We’ll keep the guarantee amount as well as the total amount of the booking.

    For accommodation in residences:
    -At more than 30 days or more before commencement of reserved services:

    Refund or rescheduling without losing the deposit paid at the time of reservation
    - At 29 days or less before commencement of reserved services:

    The retention of the total amount of the stay (which is paid 30 days before the start of the stay)
  • Any cancellation request must be made to Roussillhotel in writing (email, fax or by letter) using the following contact details:

    - By email to:
    - By letter to: Roussillhotel, Service des Réservations, 4 rue Verdi, 66750 Saint-Cyprien
  • Roussillhotel would like to inform its customers about an insurance policy providing cover in the event of cancellation: it is possible, on request and depending on availability, to take out cancellation cover by telephoning a Roussillhotel advisor on +33 (0)4 68 51 54 54. The insurance provides cover in the event of modifications or cancellation by the customer as outlined in articles 12 and 13. The General Conditions of Sale for the cancellation insurance offered by Roussillhotel are available on request by contacting Roussillhotel advisors. In the event of taking out an insurance policy, the insurance premium must be paid for in full at the time of reservation, with the deposit.

Article 14: Cancellation by Roussillhotel

  • If Roussillhotel is obliged to cancel the services reserved by the customer, Roussillhotel will inform the customer and offer them the same services on other dates, subject to acceptance by the customer, who, if they refuse, may request the refund of the sums paid towards payment of these services (without incurring costs or fees). The refund will be paid by crediting the customer’s bank account or by cheque, at Roussillhotel’s discretion. In all cases, the customer can rightfully request the refund of the deposit paid plus interest calculated on the basis of the legal rate on the date of the receipt of the deposit as well as compensation of the same amount.
  • If cancellation is caused by circumstances resulting from force majeure, the customer may not request any compensation. For contractual purposes, force majeure refers to events that are beyond the control of the debtor and which could not reasonably have been foreseen when the contract was concluded and the effects of which could not have been avoided by taking out appropriate measures, and therefore prevents the debtor from carrying out their contractual obligation (Article 1218 of the French Civil Code), and particularly in cases of:
    - strikes
    - disorder and rioting
    - climatic, geographic, or sanitary conditions that are liable to endanger the life of the customer.

Article 15: Cancellation Insurance - Curtailment of stay

Roussillhotel offers you the opportunity to take advantage of cancellation and curtailment insurance guarantees underwritten by Gritchen Assurances. To view a copy of the guarantee, click here. This optional insurance must be paid for in total at the time of reservation and at the same time as the deposit and is non-refundable.

Article 16: Hygiene and security measures - Rules of Procedure

  • Domestic animal: Category 1 and 2 dogs are not permitted in our establishments. With advance notification provided at the time of reservation, one animal per room or apartment is accepted in all of our establishments and on the basis of a financial contribution. The hotel Les Bulles de Mer in Saint-Cyprien only accepts dogs under 5kg in weight. The animal must be kept on a lead in all public areas of the hotel and is not permitted to access the swimming pool areas and children’s play areas. The animal must have a health book, anti-rabies certificate and an identification tattoo. We reserve the right to refuse entry to dangerous or aggressive animals or any animal that is causing any kind of disturbance in the establishments.
  • Car parks: vehicle owners remain responsible for any possessions and belongings left in their vehicle or for any deterioration of said items. One vehicle only is permitted per room or per apartment.
  • The customer must wear sports clothing and footwear in the sports and fitness rooms.
  • Each Roussillhotel establishment has Rules of Procedure that may be consulted in situ and which the client undertakes to familiarizing themselves with and accepting at the beginning of their stay or on accessing the thalassotherapy centre/spa. Appropriate clothing is required at all times. Any behaviour or statement that is morally reprehensible or disruptive to public order will result in Roussillhotel asking the customer to leave the establishment or the thalassotherapy centre/spa, without a refund if payment has been made, or compensation. The customer undertakes not to invite anybody whose behaviour may jeopardize the reputation of the establishment or thalassotherapy centre/spa, which reserve the right to intervene if necessary. The client may not bring any food or drink into the establishments. The total ban on smoking in public places is applicable to the establishments or thalassotherapy centres/spa

Article 17: Responsibility

  • The services offered comply with current French legislation. Roussillhotel will not be held liable in the event of non-compliance with the legislation of another country.
  • Roussillhotel will not be held liable for the non-fulfilment or poor fulfilment of the reservation in the event of force majeure, third-party actions or actions on the part of the customer.
  • Photographs, graphical and descriptive representations featured on the Roussillhotel websites or establishment websites are non-contractual. The customer may not claim compensation or damages on this basis.
  • Roussillhotel will not be held liable for any theft or damage to personal belongings inside or outside rented rooms or apartments, or to any vehicle or belongings inside said vehicle. Customers are responsible for taking out insurance with an insurance company to provide cover against the risks inherent in their activity, namely: theft, loss or damage to personal belongings, as well as damage that they may cause in the room or apartment they have rented and any damage they may cause to buildings themselves or through negligence. Roussillhotel cannot be held liable for fortuitous events or cases of force majeure such as climatic catastrophes or external disturbance which disrupt, curtail or prevent the stay. If the circumstances require it of us, in the case of events of force majeure, which our outside our control, we may be obliged to modify our programmes partially or in their entirety (total or partial closure of a site, a shared facility such as a swimming pool, playground, restaurant etc.). A case of force majeure will under no circumstances be considered cause for a reduction in the price of the stay or compensation of any kind.

Article 18: Respect of private life

  • The information requested from the customer is necessary to complete their reservation and will be saved on the shared Roussillhotel group database. If information is missing, Roussillhotel will not be able to complete the reservation.
  • The customer may write to Roussillhotel (contact details are provided in the “Reservation confirmation” article) to exercise their right to access this information, the right to oppose the use of this information with just cause or without cause for canvassing purposes, and their right to rectify any information concerning them and which may be subject to being processed by Roussillhotel, under the terms set out by the law of 6th January 1978. Roussillhotel confirms that they have carried out any formalities potentially required of them by the French Commission nationale de l'Informatique et des libertés (National Commission on Information Technology and Freedom).
  • Information communicated by the customer to Roussillhotel at the time of booking is not transferred to any third party. Roussillhotel considers that this information is confidential. This information is used only by Roussillhotel internal departments for processing the customer's order and to enhance and personalise communications and the service offer reserved for Roussillhotel customers.
  • The customer has the option to consent expressly to receiving direct canvassing in email or postal form. The customer has the option to oppose, by email or by registered post with proof of receipt, the use of any data relating to them for prospective or commercial purposes.

Article 19: Intellectual Property

  • All the texts, images and sounds on the Roussillhotel websites and the websites belonging to each establishment are protected by worldwide intellectual property rights.
  • These General Conditions of Sale do not constitute a cession of any kind of intellectual property rights over elements belonging to Roussillhotel or beneficiaries such as the photographs, images, literary texts, artwork, brands, graphics, logos to the customer.
  • Internet users owning a personal website and who wish to include for personal purposes a single link to the homepage of the website or to one of the other establishments' websites must obtain prior and express authorisation from Roussillhotel to create this link.
  • In any event, hypertext links directing to the website must be removed immediately should Roussillhotel so request.

Article 20: Applicable law

  • French law is applicable.
  • In the event of legal dispute, and the absence of amicable agreement between the parties, local jurisdiction of the courts will apply.

Article 21: Roussillhotel’s claims and complaints processing procedure

  • The consumer may make claims and complaints to the following address: Roussillhotel, Service des Réservations, 4 rue Verdi, 66750 Saint-Cyprien or by email to:
  • The customer must leave Roussillhotel a reasonable period of time to process the complaint and to remedy it, should that be necessary.
  • In the absence of a solution 45 days following the customer's having made the claim or complaint to the customer services department, the customer may call upon the French Tourism and Travel Mediator whose contact details are provided in article 22 of these General Conditions of Sale.

Article 22: French Tourism and Travel Mediator referral

  • In accordance with Articles L. 616-1 and R. 111-1 6°of the French Consumer Code, the customer is entitled to call upon the services of the Tourism and Travel Mediator whose contact details are currently as follows:
  • Médiateur Tourisme Voyage
    MTV Médiation Tourisme Voyage
    BP 80 303
    75823 Paris Cedex 17
  • The referral procedure is explained on the following website:

Roussillhotel Contact Details

ROUSSILLHOTEL registered with the RCS
SIRET: 344 576 822 00029
Intra-community VAT number: FR 23 344 576 822
Head Office address: 4 rue Verdi 66750 Saint-Cyprien
Telephone: 04 68 51 54 54
Email address:

The activities of all Roussillhotel establishments are covered by a professional multi-risk insurance policy underwritten by ALLIANZ for the whole of French territory.

** Medical acts and physiotherapy carried out as part of a Thalassotherapy cure are not reimbursed (Memo issued by the French Caisse Nationale d’Assurance Maladie n°5698 on 23rd December 1998)


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Intra-Community VAT:  FR 674 504 691 50


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