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Getting fit again and thalassotherapy spa without accommodation


Half-day cures, where the goal is to get fit

The benefits of thalassotherapy are easier to see if the treatments take place on a regular basis - so why not go for a moment of relaxation at any time of year? Choose your own exact fitness goal (back, legs, shape, etc.) from our catalogue of cures and treatments and ring-fence your half-day relaxation!


The marine area, the heart of the thalassotherapy spa

For a few hours of relaxation, the Les Flamants Roses thalassotherapy spa offers various thalassotherapy treatment packages without accommodation giving access to the marine area, its seawater pools (indoor and outdoor) and all of its services, such as the Turkish bath, sauna, tea room, fitness room, cosmetic centres, etc.

Seaside relaxation

Mediterranean thalassotherapy is an ancient tradition, a way of life, of taking full advantage of the benefits of seawater
and the sun and literally communing with the elements, experiencing genuine sensations,
feeling your body regenerate and restoring its deep inner nature. The Les Flamants Roses hotel’s thalassotherapy
team offer an à la carte service when it comes to your treatments and helping you to organise how you get fit again.


The Zen area

There are ten booths especially for various kinds of massage from all over the world, cosmetic treatments and slimming. This is a cool, soothing setting and the perfect place to give yourself up to the wonderful treatments offered by “the Zen team” for a revitalising way of getting fit again.

Treatments, spa and thalassotherapy all the year round

All of the services offered by the Les Flamants Roses thalassotherapy spa are accessible to all visitors, even without accommodation, for a few hours of relaxation, a half-day with your girlfriends and - why not? - a few tasty dishes at the L’Horizon restaurant.


Big brands to help you get fit again


The Les Flamants Roses thalassotherapy spa has joined forces with big brands Thalgo and LPG to enhance our catalogue of treatments and strengthen our protocols (marine beauty, skin ageing, cell regeneration, slimming treatments, etc.)


Testimonial: Christelle enjoys thalassotherapy “at home”


I run a little restaurant here in the department and I rarely get the chance to go off on holiday or organise to go off and stay somewhere, so I treat myself to regular fitness days or afternoons throughout the year. The Les Flamants Roses thalassotherapy spa really does offer a very full catalogue of treatments, whatever you fancy - face treatments, Thalgo rituals, massages, to get fit again or for cosmetic purposes - they’ve got the lot, and the thalassotherapy centre team are really nice and very welcoming, so I’ve got into the habit of going there regularly. Even just a quick visit to the spa is really nice after a tiring shift at the restaurant, and sometimes I’ll take advantage of a promotion or a lovely gift, and that’s even nicer!

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