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Anti-stress thalassotherapy - the Les Flamants Roses solutions


What is stress?

The pressure of everyday routine, a demanding working environment, a hectic family life, increasing responsibilities, etc. - there are so many stress factors and they can cause all kinds of health problems, such as headaches, trouble getting to sleep, irritability, sleep and mood disorders, digestive problems, etc. These are all phenomena which can really get you down, so get rid of them with an anti-stress thalassotherapy cure, which can play an active role in getting fit again and helping you rediscover how to relax.


The anti-stress cure at the Les Flamants Roses thalassotherapy hotel

This anti-stress cure offers a series of relaxing, remineralising and revitalising treatments which can help you to let go and really relax. The techniques used allow a variety of approaches, and you can use all of the hotel’s thalassotherapy spa resources, such as Watsu, Massothermie , wraps, baths, massages, scrubs, etc., all of which help to get rid of stress and tension so you feel calm again, with the positive energy you’ll need for a fresh start!


Massothermie is a cutting-edge, high-tech muscle relaxation technique - a special bed provides a mechanical massage,
using internal thermal applicators the heads of which are made of infrared-heated jade stones.
This anti-stress massage relieves the whole of the spine,
unravels nervous tension and helps to restore your vitality.



A Watsu session is an individual treatment provided in a heated swimming pool, during which - using floats and with a lifeguard switching between rocking movements, stretching exercises and pressure along the meridians - you achieve a state of “weightlessness”, which leads to meditation and a feeling of letting yourself go and total relaxation. Each Watsu session is more than an anti-stress massage or a relaxation technique, offering a genuine experience of inner peace which helps you to feel completely at one with yourself.


The anti-stress cure - six days of letting it all go

There’s nothing like spending a few days on your own well-being to put your everyday life back into perspective and get rid of all the stress and irrelevant outside pressures. The programme for the six-day thalassotherapy cure includes: a preparatory exfoliating treatment (a 25-minute affusion massage scrub), two affusion massages (25 min), 3 relaxation massages (25 min), three Watsu sessions, three hydrojet sessions, three Massothermie sessions, three seaweed wraps, three chromatherapy multi-jet baths with seaweed extracts, two special back showers and one special leg shower.


Testimonial: Florian, IT developer

In a job where we’re constantly being asked to work faster, where something unexpected can crop up at any time and where we’re always working at breakneck pace, being able to take a break during the year and to relax while you enjoy some thalassotherapy allows you to face up to a year of stress with greater equanimity. My wife and I went for the Les Flamants Roses hotel’s “anti-stress” cure and we absolutely loved it - the thalassotherapy spa team do everything they can to help you to relax. With the combination of a good restaurant, a tanning session on the beach and dedicated treatments, it’s fair to say Zen has been restored - all the stress has gone!

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