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soins de thalassothérapie


Come and enjoy the benefits of the marine environment in the thalassotherapy and spa institute of the Grand Hotel des flamants roses on the Mediterranean coast. Focused on a demanding clientele, we offer a wide range of treatments.  

jets sous marin

Underwater jets

Aquagym exercises carried out under variable pressure, adjustable water jets that massage you at the same time. Relaxing and invigorating effect that improves circulation and body tone.

  20€ /pers.


A series of invigorating and slower gym movements in the water. This gentle treatment helps to improve flexibility and strengthen muscles

  25€ /pers.
Douche à jet

Douche à jet

A powerful jet of hot seawater stimulates blood circulation, tones your muscles, massages deep down and decongests stubborn cellulite zones.

  30€ /pers.
douche jet silhouette

Body-shaping jet shower Thalgo

Using the same approach as the jet shower, this treatment focuses on your thighs, bottom and hips to help define your body shape.

  30€ /pers.
special dos jambes

Special back or leg shower

A relaxing treatment that stimulates your circulation. This hot seawater shower, which you take lying down, massages your back or legs to relieve muscle tension.

  30€ /pers.


As you lie on a floating hot water mattress your body is massaged by jets working in a circular action along the length of your body. Total relaxation guaranteed.

  31€ /pers.
bain multijets

Chromatherapy multi-jet bath

Hot seawater bath with water jets that massage you from head to toe. The remineralising effects of the kelp algae used in our soothing bath, the flushing and slimming properties of the fucus algae used in our slimming bath and the calming essential oils used in our aromatic bath will leave you reaping the benefits of this treatment for a long time.

  32€ /pers.


New top concept, unequalled massage feeling, lying on a mattress animated by Jade stones heated by infrared for a deep muscular relaxation.

  39€ /pers.


This seawater relaxation session takes place in our seawater pool and procures a sense of weightlessness and both mental and muscular relaxation.

  40€ /pers.
Enveloppement d'algues

Seaweed wrap & chromatherapy

As you lie on a heated mattress, your whole body is wrapped in hot seaweed with a blanket over the top to ensure all the minerals are fully absorbed. Our chromatherapy beds are of the utmost comfort allowing you to completely relax during the treatment. Your body will feel relaxed, flushed, toned and rehydrated.

  45€ /pers.
Enveloppement  boue

Self-heating mud wrap

 This wrap focuses on your neck, trapezius muscles and lumbar vertebrae and aims to relieve muscle tension.

  48€ /pers.
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