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Slimming body

picto cure

“Thalasso lunch” option

1 starter, 1 main course, 1 dessert, 1 glass of wine,

available for €33 instead of €38

Menu of the Day and Market Menu. Excluding Sundays and Public Holidays

For any treatment or cure from 65€.

picto cure

Marine space package

Bathrobes, towels provided. Sandals compulsory.
Access : 15€ instead of 35€ for any treatment purchased and consumed at the same time (excluding depilation). .
Schedules: 9am to 7:45pm (adults) / 12:30pm to 2:30pm and 6pm to 7:45pm (children).

Fitness massage

55 min

Manual palpate and roll method combined with a personalised body wrap. Your skin is smoothed, defibrosed and your figure reshaped.

  99€ /pers.
Palpe roule thalgo

Manual deep tissue massage

25 min

This tonic manual massage, by kneading the skin, helps to remove cellulite and reduce it.

  65€ /pers.
Endermology treatment - LPG

Endermology treatment - LPG

30 min

Acting simultaneously on breaking down rebel fat and on the quality of the skin (firmness, orange peel appearance), the new LPG patent makes direct action possible on the adipocytes (slimming cells) present in our hypodermis as well as on the fibroblasts (youth cells) present in our dermis. Price of the tights: € 15.

  60€ /pers.

Watermass Treatment

25 min

Watermass is a unique treatment that combines the age-old benefits of hot water and essential oils. This machine works on cellulite and localised fat.

10-session booster package €540 (free access to the marine area on the day of treatment as part of the package)

  60€ /pers.
Slimming seaweed

Slimming seaweed

25 min

Revitalizing and slimming
Fucus algae, which are brown algae, have a unique mineral content (trace elements). Their properties are used for slimming because they contribute to the refinement of the silhouette by promoting fat reduction.

  50€ /pers.
Cryotherapy wrap

Cryotherapy wrap

25 min

Circulatory and toning 
Lying on a comfortable mattress equipped with chromatherapy, your legs will be wrapped in a cold seaweed jelly mixed with plants with circulatory properties. This treatment is ideal for heavy legs and will tighten the blood vessels to bring comfort, freshness and lightness.

  50€ /pers.

Session of pressotherapy

20 min

This treatment progressively increases lymphatic flow in your legs through a system of inflatable boots. It also improves venous flow and leaves your legs feeling much lighter.

  35€ /pers.
douche jet silhouette

Silhouette jet shower

8 min

Using the same approach as the jet shower, this treatment focuses on your thighs, bottom and hips to help define your body shape.

  31€ /pers.
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