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In order to accompany you during your stay, we offer you a personalized service with our experts in nutrition, sports and relaxation. Individual support.

picto cure

“Thalasso lunch” option

1 starter, 1 main course, 1 dessert, 1 glass of wine,

available for €33 instead of €38

Menu of the Day and Market Menu. Excluding Sundays and Public Holidays

For any treatment or cure from 65€.

picto cure

Marine space package

Bathrobes, towels provided. Sandals compulsory.
Access : 15€ instead of 35€ for any treatment purchased and consumed at the same time (excluding depilation). .
Schedules: 9am to 7:45pm (adults) / 12:30pm to 2:30pm and 6pm to 7:45pm (children).

Osteopathy session

45 min

A series of very precise manipulations of bones, joints and muscles performed by an osteopath.

  85€ /pers.

Yoga session

60 min

Through postures, relaxation, breath, circulation of energy, we find contact with our inner space. As an integral science of life, Yoga helps us to become aware of our body, our breathing, and the mechanisms of the mind. Postures or asanas are means that allow us to experience the expansion of consciousness. 
Yoga is a permanent discovery for all those who practice it; it contributes to a better well-being, to the improvement of our health, our balance and therefore our relationships with others.


Individual session 55€ or collective session 27€
  55€ /pers.

Dietary assessment nutrition

60 min

This assessment is established by a dietician and allows us to provide you with help and food balance objectives. An impedance test will be carried out during the session to analyze your body composition (fat, water, muscles).

  50€ /pers.

Individual fitness coaching for back

45 min

Individual adapted and evaluative course to gently strengthen and/or soften the muscles of the back and abdominal muscles. Exercises to be practiced alone afterwards according to your needs are proposed at the end of the session. 

  50€ /pers.

Individual fitness coaching

45 min

Sport coaching 
Individual lessons, regularly adapted according to your objectives (cardio vascular, muscle strengthening, stretching...) and according to your possible difficulties. A real tailor-made program will be established with you to help you improve your physical performance.

  50€ /pers.

Session of aquagym

25 min

A series of invigorating and slower gym movements in the water. This gentle treatment helps to improve flexibility and strengthen muscles

  27€ /pers.
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