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Special treat spa

Enter the world of gourmet delicacies and let yourself be lulled by the flavours of our treatments. Our rituals offer you body treatments consisting of scrubs, silky body wraps and relaxing massages for a complete treatment of your body.

picto cure

“Thalasso lunch” option

1 starter, 1 main course, 1 dessert, 1 glass of wine,

available for €33 instead of €38

Menu of the Day and Market Menu. Excluding Sundays and Public Holidays

For any treatment or cure from 65€.

picto cure

Marine space package

Bathrobes, towels provided. Sandals compulsory.
Access : 15€ instead of 35€ for any treatment purchased and consumed at the same time (excluding depilation). .
Schedules: 9am to 7:45pm (adults) / 12:30pm to 2:30pm and 6pm to 7:45pm (children).

Pacific island by Thalgo

Pacific island by Thalgo

105 min

Enveloping and relaxing
When tropical energy overwhelms your body! Treat yourself to this unique experience – first an exfoliating scrub for the whole body and face, then a mango balm bringing the cool clear water of a Polynesian lagoon right to you. Let yourself go as you enjoy a head-to-foot massage and an intoxicating fragrant wrap. This is a moment of pure sensual pleasure.


Marine area offered during this half day
from 200€ /pers.
rituel merveille arctique

Arctic wonder ritual - Thalgo

80 min

Intense and relaxing
Live a unique experience, immersed in a world of relaxation.Your body, gummed by salt flakes from the depths of the oceans, will be totally relaxed. The combination of Swedish massage and Deep Tissue, the alternation of warm hands and invigoratingly fresh bubbles combined with a Wonderful Oil will relieve your tensions and allow you to relieve your stress.

from 160€ /pers.

Ayurveda ritual

80 min

Sweet and de-stressing
Relax during a trip to India. Your body will first be softened by a scrub made of sea salts and sugar with the scent of ginger. Then, massaged by slow circular movements alternated with sliding pressure, stressed people will find harmony of body and mind thanks to relaxation and serenity.


New 2023
  160€ /pers.
Rituel corps et visage

Body & face ritual

80 min

A real moment of escape, this treatment, consisting of a relaxing facial treatment and a body massage, will invade you with softness from head to toe, for a guaranteed release.

from 140€ /pers.
Gommage au savon noir

Black soap scrub and Rhassoul mask

70 min

Alternating steam bath and body scrub using black soap and a kassa glove for deep exfoliation.


  99€ /pers.
rituel des mains et pieds

Ritual hands & feet

50 min

Treat yourself to a moment of pure relaxation with the delighful fragrances of southern essential oils. Your hands and feet will be cleansed, nourished and revitalised. This pure pleasure for your senses and utter relaxation for your mind and body.


  75€ /pers.
Gommage au savon noir

Black soap scrub

50 min

This combination of steam bath and exfoliating scrub using black soap and a Kassa glove offers a deep full-body exfoliation.


  65€ /pers.
Thalasso southern spa body scrub

Thalasso southern spa body scrub

25 min

This gentle scrub removes accumulated cells from the surface of the skin, leaving it soft and silky.


  62€ /pers.
Gommage pureté aux 3 sels

Purifying 3-salt Scrub

25 min

This scrub uses a gel made with Himalayan and Dead Sea salts fraganced with lavender and rosemary essential oils.


  62€ /pers.
Peel under a fine rain of warm sea water

Peel under a fine rain of warm sea water

25 min

This treatment involves an exfoliating scrub applied under a fine shower of hot seawater, followed by a relaxing back massage.


  62€ /pers.
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